Each year in August an invitation goes out to our school leaders to be passed on to art and music teachers and their students to begin a process of creating and selecting submissions for the annual GALLERY OF STUDENT ART AND MUSIC.

Here we encounter the outcomes of these creative engagements. In colors, textures, and shapes, in rhythms, tones and harmonies, through a variety of movements, media, and techniques, the young women and men of our school communities share their giftedness. A rich diversity of perspectives, insights, and emotions, invite us to look and listen, to attend anew to an emerging story. It is the continuation of the initial story of Genesis. In the beginning God creates, observes, and declares: It is all good.

As we delight in what we are about to see and hear, let us be mindful of the many who have participated in bringing these gifts to us. Students, their families and teachers, the faculties, and administrations of our school network, those who sustain the network, and all who participate in the Charism and spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice. For it is as a community we are co-creators. We collaborate with each other in carrying forward the creative works of our loving God.

It is a privilege for me to thank each of you for your participation in this great work, and to introduce the 2023 Brother Edmund Rice Christian Brothers GALLERY OF STUDENT ART AND MUSIC.

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