Synod 2023

Synod is a greek word (synodos) meaning a meeting or assembly. The two Greek words that make up synod are syn meaning together and hodos meaning way or journey.

What is the Synod of Bishops?

A helpful short definition of the Synod of Bishops is a gathering of bishops that:

  • Fosters closer unity between the bishops and Pope.
  • Provides counsel to the Pope on matters of faith and morals, and discipline of the Church.
  • Studies questions concerning the Church in the world (c.f. Code of Canon Law c. 342).

Voting in the Synod of Bishops is limited to bishops present at the synod gathering. However, clergy, men and women religious, theologians, catechists, canon lawyers, and lay experts all participate in the synod gathering with bishops by providing their counsel.

Synod Resources

Synod Prayer Adsumus Synod Letter

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