Who are the Christian Brothers?

We are men who are called -

  • To engage with one another as we are drawn to the Mystery in the day-to-day events of our lives, and in personal and communal reflection on the Jesus and Edmund stories, in light of the evolving universe story.
  • To build joyful communities characterized by intimacy, gentleness, compassion, and love.
  • To live a simple and shared lifestyle with accountability, which calls us to a radical shift from our comfortable way of living.
  • To be in right relationship as brother with each other, with people made poor, and with the whole earth community, conscious that being brother is our pathway to our being evangelized and transformed.
  • To engage in advocacy with the voiceless, the marginalized, and all who are oppressed.

P.S. Intrigued by the life and work of the Christian Brothers?
If you would like to experience for yourself what life as a Brother is like, we’d be pleased to arrange for you to visit. You could spend a day or so alongside a Brother as he performs his ministries and partake in community. We feel that getting a taste of what we call the Congregation’s “spirit” is the best way to help you discern if your call is to the Christian Brothers.