Becoming a Brother

The identity of the Brother is a mystery of communion for mission. At the center of this triple perspective lies the heart of the identity of the Religious Brother, namely fraternity, which is a gift that is received (mystery), a gift that is shared (communion) and a gift that is given away (mission).
Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church
(The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)

The vocation of Brother is a unique gift mysteriously given by a loving God to some men in our Church. This gift is shared from a local community of Brothers to the broader community of the Church in our world.

Do you have this gift? Let us help you explore the possibility.

Initial Formation Program

You probably are feeling a quiet, persistent tug toward something you can’t quite name. Or you may be feeling some small, indefinable void in your life. You may be looking for something, but have little or no idea what...

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Contact Program

The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Contact Program provides you with the opportunity to explore where God may be calling you. Typically, it takes about five years before a man takes his first vows.

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Candidacy Program

As the initial stage of formation in North America for the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, the purpose of Candidacy is to enable you to grow in prayer, in the knowledge of how God works in your life and in your relationship to the Church.

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Residency Program

During the first phase of the Residency Program, you will live in the Brothers’ Initial Formation Community in Chicago, Illinois. During the second phase, you will live in one of the many Brothers’ mission communities. It is believed that by living...

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Novitiate Year

A special period of time for growth which allows an individual to powerfully experience the presence of God through prayer, study, spiritual development, Apostolic involvement, and ordinary life experiences.

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Annual Profession

As a Brother, during the time of Annual Profession (vows are renewed annually), you will live in community with other Brothers ministering within the Church in the name of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

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