Advocating for the U.S. Farm Bill at IONA PREP


On May 9th, four Iona Prep students: Pasquale, Michael, Matthew and Nicholas (pictured right), along with four students from Maria Regina High School, met with a staffer from New York State Senator Chuck Schumer’s office to lobby for some adjustments to be made to the “Farm Bill” when the terms are renegotiated in 2023.

The students asked Congress to protect the lifesaving programs in the Farm Bill that work towards ending hunger for the world's most marginalized and vulnerable people. They also asked that Congress make much needed changes to international poverty focused groups, like Food for Peace and to improve its efficiency and flexibility and ensure that U.S. government implementing partners, like Catholic Relief Services, can utilize the most appropriate approaches to meet the needs of those impacted by severe and chronic hunger and malnutrition.

These meetings are taking place all over the country, but these are some of the youngest activists engaging in the political process in a meaningful way. These students who are most certainly "standing in solidarity with those marginalized by poverty and injustice".

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