Youth Ambassadors Program 2023 in the U.S.


The Human Rights Coordinator for Latin America, Samuel Rivero, was chosen as one of two adult mentors for the Youth Ambassadors Program, which is funded by the U.S. Government in partnership with World Learning and the U.S. Embassy in Perú.

Samuel, after a rigorous process where community commitment, experience working with students and foreign language skills were evaluated, was selected after being one of three male finalists for the final interview with the U.S. Embassy in Perú.

Our coordinator will be responsible for accompanying 13 bright students from different public schools in Perú during an exchange program to the USA during the first three weeks of October.

This program will begin in the Lima, Perú, where the participants will have some preparation and input before they travel to the state of Virginia, where they will attend courses on leadership and community project management at the University of Virginia. Finally, during the last days they will visit Washington D.C. for the closing of the exchange program.

Finally, Samuel will accompany each student in the program in the development and implementation of community projects in their localities during the next year. In this way, he will play the role of mentor to the students so that each project has a positive outcome and means personal growth for each student.

This opportunity for professional growth will be of great benefit not only for Samuel, but for our entire network of allied schools in Latin America, since it will mean an opportunity to implement new knowledge, work dynamics and innovative proposals for the work in the defense and promotion of human rights in our school communities.

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