Discussions Across the Pond- Climate Crisis


On February 10, 2021, members of the Edmund Rice Network in England and North America joined together for a second time via Zoom. In this second “Discussion Across the Pond,” the topic of conversation was how participants can take action on climate change. The conversation brought together a group of more than 30 participants; Christian Brothers, school administrators, teachers and students from 7 Edmund Rice schools in 4 countries (Canada, England, Ireland and the United States).

Prior to the call, Edmund Rice England provided participants with a variety of videos and articles to spark the conversation about the dire need for action to combat climate change. These materials guided the conversation about what actions each participant can take individually and as a part of their school and community. This group plans to meet monthly for continued conversation and planned action on human rights and social justice issues.

Please consider signing up for a Climate Action course that will be offered by Edmund Rice England, Edmund Rice International and the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice & Community Education. The course is designed for staff members and grade 12 students. Register by clicking here.

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