Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation

The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation LTD has been formed to stimulate a vigorous renewal in the patronage and production of Catholic sacred arts with a view to transmit the Christian Brothers’ mission of worship, catechesis, and evangelization of youth within the mission of the Catholic Church.

The Art Foundation seeks to conserve the artistic heritage of the Brothers and to promote art education in the Edmund Rice Schools. The web site www.cbartfoundation.org offers a selection of the collections of several Brother Artists.

The costs of conserving the art and underwriting student art projects are sustained both by donations and the occasional sale of original pieces or reproductions.

Current offerings include:

  • Signed Photographic reproductions of paintings exhibited on the web site. (beginning at $20)
  • Original pieces by Brother Kenneth Chapman, CFC. (beginning at $4,000)
  • Original pieces by deceased Brother David Lucas, CFC. (beginning at $25)

The Artists featured include:

Visit the website at

The Board of Directors of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation mourn the passing of our founding president, Mrs. JoAnn Mazzella Murphy. Joann’s enthusiasm for art, devotion to our brother artists, and joy in proclaiming good news, have become hallmarks of the Foundation. We embrace the spirit with which JoAnn graced the beginnings of this venture. We commit ourselves to carry forward her personal commitment to identifying and promoting the gifts of the artists among us. May JoAnn Mazzella Murphy rest in peace. May each of us, blessed to know JoAnn, delight in pursuing the paths she opened.

PSM December 21, 2020