Brothers Dynamically Present at STMC

Charlotte Cho, a Grade 11 student from St. Thomas More Collegiate, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, participated in the inaugural 2019 Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Gallery of Student Art Subsequently she was invited to share her talents with the whole school community. She chose to feature two brothers, each retired octogenarians, dynamically present in the life of the school.

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The figure in the center with the large glasses and a camera represents Brother W. Owen "Cass" Cassidy, CFC, a former teacher, coach and vocation director. Present at all school activities his photographs line the corridors of the school. He is portrayed bumping fists with Brother G. T. "Ted" Bassett, CFC, a former teacher of technology and currently the primary greeter of students each morning, the mower of lawns and consultant for the yearbook staff.

Brother Cass comments: "Recently one of our grade 11 students, Charlotte Cho, painted a mural on one of our library walls, about six feet by nine feet. It is her artistic expression of "The Knight's Compass", an expression of what a well-rounded Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Education should be. She has a fine sense of humor, doesn't she?"

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