Letter from New Province Leader: Br. Peter Zawot


Dear Brothers and Collaborators who share the Charism of Bl. Edmund,
The decision of Kevin Griffith to resign as Province Leader was, I’m certain, one made after much prayer and discernment. During the past nineteen years, Kevin has gifted the Province with his ability for vision, compassion, collaboration, inspiration, persistence and consistency, but most of all his passion for his vocation as a Christian Brother. He has represented the Province and Congregation on local, national, and international levels. Kevin has shepherded us through challenging times, and he has actively and energetically moved us forward to respond to the world’s agenda as stated in our recent Chapter documents, particularly the call to advocacy.

On behalf of the Province Leadership Team, the Brothers of the Province, and our colleagues in mission, I express profound gratitude and appreciation to Kevin for his service to the Province. As for me, and the PLT, we will continue to work in a spirit of collaboration, faithful to, and building on, the established policies and practices of the Province.

For several years we have practiced generative conversations, listening to one another and co- creating our future together. The recent Chapters have given us guidelines and challenges. I ask your patience as I take on the role of Province Leader. Knowing I can count on your prayers and support is of great comfort and encouragement to me.

Faithful to the call we have received from our Brothers, the PLT, listening for the Spirit’s guidance, will continue to work collaboratively to ensure the continued welfare of our Brothers and the success of our province programs and ministries. Let us continue to pray for each other, entrusting our lives to the care and intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and our beloved founder, Blessed Edmund. May Jesus live in our hearts forever! Sincerely, your brother,

Signature Peter E Zawot
Br. Peter E. Zawot, CFC

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