Celebrating 25 Years Through Service & Advocacy


On October 6, Edmund Rice schools and communities across 6 continents and more than 30 countries celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of Blessed Edmund Rice. ERCBNA Schools celebrated this anniversary by honoring Edmund’s life and Charism in a variety of ways:

Tampa Catholic- Jina Masters

Tampa Catholic High School did their best to make Blessed Edmund proud the week of his 25th anniversary of Beatification. Our students were all across the Bay in various locations supporting ecumenical efforts and advocating for the vulnerable.

Crusaders partnered with Gigi’s Playhouse to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Achievement Center. We unloaded 3000 pumpkins and set up the patch for the United Methodist Church. Our Think Pink chapter raised over $800 for cancer research and participated in the American Cancer Society local awareness event. Our Pro-Life group advocated for the most vulnerable with posters and prayer, unified with “40 Days for Life” efforts. May these works honor the great legacy of Blessed Edmund!

Catholic Memorial- Michael Dermody

At Catholic Memorial, we held another funeral for a recently deceased veteran with no living family or friends to raise awareness about the importance of the dignity of human life. We also did our annual Breast Cancer Walk raising over $8,000 to stand in solidarity with those suffering from breast cancer.

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