Beatification of Blessed Edmund Rice


Dear Brothers, Friends and Colleagues,

When Edmund Rice opened his first mission in a Waterford (Ireland) stable in 1802, he set out to feed, clothe and educate the poor and marginalized of his day. He did so during what were bleak and chaotic times for the Irish populace. Edmund’s message was one of hope for a better future for a new generation of Irish youth.

Similarly, the spreading of Edmund’s charism into North America, Latin America and the Caribbean was aimed at bringing hope to the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of society

On October 6, 1996, the Church officially recognized the tremendous attributes of Edmund Rice and his virtuous life, as Pope John Paul II beatified Edmund in a ceremony at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Thus, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the beatification of our beloved Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice.

Today, on six continents and in more than thirty countries across the globe, the mission of Blessed Edmund Rice continues to bring hope to the poor and marginalized in our midst. Through the efforts of our own Christian Brothers, the Presentation Brothers and countless lay colleagues and benefactors, all those who have been inspired by Blessed Edmund’s vision and charism continue to spread his message of hope in schools and outreach ministries that touch the minds and hearts of the young in ways that transform their lives and ours.

Our mission today continues to be one of instilling hope into the lives of those we are privileged to serve. Let us do so with the same spirit and enthusiasm that led Blessed Edmund to begin his work some 219 years ago. Let us do so in faithfulness, believing that God is with us, as we carry out the mission begun by Blessed Edmund that has been passed down to each one of us. Let us be bearers of hope in today’s world, as we continue this scared mission entrusted to our care

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Blessed Edmund’s beatification, I am announcing for our Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province and the Latin America Mission Area, a year-long celebration of Blessed Edmund’s life and mission beginning October 6, 2021 and concluding on his feast day, May 5, 2022. To start this celebratory year, enclosed with this letter are three special prayer experiences for use throughout the Province on October 6, 2021.

  • A prayer for our Christian Brother communities for October 6th
  • A prayer that can be used in our schools on October 6th
  • A prayer for our school leaders who will meet via ZOOM on October 6th

As this year goes on, we will share with you other events and activities that will help us celebrate this milestone.

Thanks to Bro. Edmund Garvey and the European Province, each Brother in our Province will be receiving a special medallion commemorating the 25th anniversary of Blessed Edmund’s beatification.

May God’s blessings be on each of you, as we honor Blessed Edmund by spreading his message of hope to all those whom we encounter.

God bless,
Bro. Kevin M. Griffith, CFC
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America, Province Leader

Community Prayer

Blessed Edmund Rice School Prayer

Community Prayer
For Teachers/Administrators

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