Throughout the summer of 2020, a group of administrators, teachers and staff members form ERCBNA schools have met virtually to create resources and lesson plans surrounding antiracism to be used this year by staff in ERCBNA schools. These resources have been put on a website that will be accessible to all ERCBNA school members after it is introduced to ERCBNA Presidents and Principals at their October 7th meeting.

In addition to these resources, the ERCBNA Advocacy Office is putting together a video of Edmund Rice students and staff members promoting antiracism in our schools. The theme of the video is: "I am for 3 and 5”-- with reference to Essential Elements 3 and 5.

We hope that this video will include 2 short video clips from each school: 1 from a student and 1 from a staff member from your school, with each using the following scripts:

(Student) “My name is __________________________ and I am a (grade) student at school name. As a student at an Edmund Rice School, I am for 3 and 5.

(Staff) “My name is __________________________ and I am a job/role at school name. As a staff member of an Edmund Rice School, I am for 3 and 5.

Videos can be emailed back by September 20th to

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