The Establishment of the Latin America Mission Area

of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province

Dear Brothers and Partners in Mission,

Greetings from Rome. I pray you are well and remaining safe during the Covid-19 pandemic that is ravaging our world. As we celebrate the Advent season, a time emphasizing waiting and hoping, and on this feast day of Mary, our hope needs to move beyond the Christmas event and be carried into our world. We need to give witness to a hope that drives our commitment to building the kingdom of God and to be agents of peace in our world. This is our mission.

Constitution 82 states, “The Congregation Leadership Team, in consultation with the Province and Region Leadership Teams, may form new structural groupings of communities and ministries to serve more effectively the mission of the Congregation.”

In November 2019, the Congregation Leadership Team asked the Latin American Region and the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province Leadership Teams to engage the Brothers in a conversation to discern what structural grouping might be more beneficial to serving the mission into the future.

The Congregation Leadership Team wishes to thank the Brothers in Latin American for their full participation in and commitment to the discernment process which has taken place. We express our thanks to Br. Hugo Cáceres, Region Leader, and Brs. Kevin Bernard and Miguel Lynch of the Region Leadership Team for their efforts in the process. We also express our appreciation to Br. Kevin Griffith, Edmund Rice North America Province Leader, and his team, for their participation and support to ensure that voices were heard and opinions respected.

The Congregation Leadership Team has received the recommendations that have come from the discernment process and approved them as the way forward for the Region. As of January 01, 2021, the Latin America Region of the Edmund Rice North America Province will become the Latin America Mission Area (LAMA) of the Edmund Rice North America Province.

LAMA will have three Commissions, each with a Coordinator elected by the Brothers. These Commissions are:

  • Brothers’ Life Miguel Córdova (Coordinator)
  • Mission Ricardo Glatz (Coordinator)
  • Finance Ever Cieza (Coordinator)

LAMA will also have a Delegate nominated by the Brothers and appointed by the Province Leader for a two-year term. Br. Hugo Cáceres has been appointed as the Delegate. The primary role of the Delegate will be to communicate with the three Commission Coordinators and to serve as the LAMA liaison with the ERCBNA Province Leader.

All Brothers and those connected with the Blessed Edmund Rice charism are asked to hold our Brothers and partners in Latin America in their thoughts and prayers as they, and many other people committed to the Edmund Rice charism in Latin America, engage in this time of transition. Those present in Lima in March at the Chapter saw first-hand the vibrancy of Edmund’s spirit alive and very active in so many.

The CLT pray the blessings of good health, spirit, and support on you all, and especially our Brothers in Latin America and their colleagues


Br. Hugh O’Neill
(On Behalf of the Congregation Leadership Team)

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