The Bronx High School Students Marching For 'The Born And The Unborn'

by Micah Danney, originally posted on Religion Unplugged on January 30, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Among the tens of thousands of pro-life demonstrators in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 24 for the March for Life was a group of high school students from the Bronx. They had several banners, the longest of which stretched clear across Constitution Ave. as they marched down it.

It took almost the whole group to hold it. In large red letters on white fabric was written, “PEACE NOT WAR. PRO LIFE. PRO IMMIGRANT. RENT CONTROL. HEALTH CARE. GUN CONTROL.”

The display stood out in a crowd that had plenty of prominent visual signs of support for President Trump, whose administration has not aligned with most of what the students’ banner professed. Trump was cheered while he spoke at the rally on the National Mall before the march, the first sitting president to do so.

The Bronx students’ political leanings may not have aligned with those of many groups they marched with, but the philosophy their banner promoted positions them as adamantly opposed to abortion as it does to anti-immigrant sentiment and loose gun regulation.

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