Serving the "Marginalized Marginalized"

Mia Mirassou, Palma School

Palma School has stepped up deliveries to the homeless - in person on the street—while honoring social distancing. Students and parents have delivered tons of goods to the Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel at Palma. Faculty members deliver these goods to our brothers and sisters on the street growing in number and in fear. The virus has further marginalized the marginalized in fear of these "lepers" being more contagious. The Palma family is grateful for those dedicated to the dignity of all people.


One of the community's heroes, a nurse with the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (SVMH) team, shared that her son, a senior at Palma High School, worked with his fellow students to organize a donation effort to support agricultural workers who are isolating safely through the Grower-Shipper Association housing program. Issac and his fellow classmates, together with Ms. Mirassou of Palma, dropped off items at SVMH that they'd collected, including snacks, toiletries, clothing, and other supplies to be shared with those being housed. They also included personal letters conveying best wishes and thoughts to those impacted by COVID-19.

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