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Ethics in Ministry Policy for Positive Relationships Between Brothers and Minors and Vulnerable Adults

Full Ethical Ministry Policy for Minors
Full Ethical Ministry Policy for Adults

The following is an excerpt:

The Mission of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America seeks to continue the mission of Blessed Edmund in the Twenty-First Century by responding to the signs of our times and to the needs of today’s most vulnerable members of society. We have accepted the call to evangelize youth within the mission of the Catholic Church. We complete this work in a variety of settings, including Catholic schools and numerous outreach ministries that serve the people of God by responding to their very human needs. In these, and in parish, healthcare, counseling and other ministries, we follow the example of Blessed Edmund, who tended to the needs of the vulnerable and nurtured the dignity of each human person.
We Christian Brothers take great pride in acknowledging the past and present good works of our Brothers in schools and other ministries across the North American Province. We pledge to continue to be of service to the Church in our schools and other ministries by being faithful to God’s revelation to us in creation, the Gospel message of Jesus of Nazareth and the spirit and charism of Blessed Edmund.
We are committed to the protection of children and to creating safe environments at all of our ministry sites and in all of our communities. The sexual abuse of minors is abhorrent to Blessed Edmund’s example, to our vocation as Christian Brothers and to the Gospel values we profess. We share in the anger and anguish expressed by many Catholics and others in our society regarding sexual abuse. Thus, we are committed to the prevention of any such recurrences of abusive behavior. Furthermore, we attempt to reach out to victims/survivors with care for their healing and hope to rebuild the trust that has been broken. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. We will do all in our power to prevent future abuse. To assist us in fulfilling this commitment, we have formulated this document for the protection of those in our care.

Policy adopted by the Province Leadership Team of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America, November 1, 2006 and revised in February 2013.

Abuse Prevention Accreditation
The Conference of Major Superiors of Men established a system of accountability and transparency which utilizes an accreditation model and contracted with Praesidium Inc to become the accrediting body for men’s religious orders and congregations. The process requires that an independent team of specialists from Praesidium independently verify that the Standards for Accreditation have been met. Praesidium specialists have thoroughly reviewed the policies of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, conducted site visits, interviewed members of the Province, including those in formation, our vocation and formation directors, members of the Provincial Council and members of our Review Board.

The Christian Brothers were originally Praesidium Accredited™, the highest honor in abuse prevention practices, in June of 2007, re-accredited in October of 2010 and November 2013 for a five year period through 2018.

Please report abuse.
Here are three ways to report abuse:

  1. Contact the Christian Brothers Survivors Assistance Coordinator (Deborah O'Brien) at ddo@cbinstitute.org
  2. Send email to a member of the Christian Brothers' leadership team
  3. Write the Christian Brothers at 260 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804.
  4. Contact your local district attorney or police.